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Advanced Virtual COM Port CE

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Advanced Virtual COM Port CE is a professional serial communications utility, which is designed to work on Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices, handhelds and POS terminals. It combines network and local virtual COM port/virtual serial port functions into one.

It gives you the ability to:

  • Create virtual COM ports and connect them with a virtual null-modem cable over a LAN or the Internet.
  • Share your real (physical) serial ports over the LAN and Internet.
  • Create pairs of local virtual COM ports connected with a virtual null-modem cable.
  • Communicate with desktop PCs running Windows version of Advanced Virtual COM Port.

Trial version limitations

  • 15 days trial period
  • Nag screen at startup
  • 2 ports maximum


This utility is useful for both developers and users that need to use serial port communications on mobile devices.



One of the many uses for Advanced Virtual COM Port CE is to allow software that only supports COM port communications, to join the Internet community and communicate not only with computers that are close by, but also with ones on the other side of the world! This is accomplished by emulating a null-modem cable over a network.

Another use of Advanced Virtual COM Port CE is to share any of your serial devices, whether it is a bar code scanner, modem, sensor, oscilloscope, laboratory or industrial instrument, etc. over a LAN or the Internet. There is no need to move this equipment here and there, just connect it to a server computer, share a COM Port, and anyone who has installed Advanced Virtual COM Port or Advanced Virtual COM Port CE will be able to use this equipment remotely as if it wes connected to his/her computer.

And finally, Advanced Virtual COM Port CE allows you to create pairs of virtual serial ports connected locally using a virtual NULL-modem cable. There is no need to have real cables or serial ports. This function is designed to speed up developing and debugging of applications. You can debug your software that uses COM ports for communication with hand-held computers, data acquisition equipment, etc. You can even develop your own device emulator and connect it to your software through a pair of virtual COM ports.

The most amazing feature of Advanced Virtual COM Port CE is it's ability to communicate with Advanced Virtual COM Port running on regular PC. All the functions are supported in this cross-platform scenario. Including physical serial port sharing in either way, or virtual-to-virtual serial port communication.


  • Compatible with PC version of Advanced Virtual COM Port.
  • Virtual COM ports appear to the system and applications like real ones.
  • Virtual COM ports work like real ones.
  • Hot Virtual COM Port creation and removal, without having to reboot your computer.
  • Once created, virtual COM ports persist in the system until you remove them.
  • No need to have physical serial ports (except for physical ports sharing function).
  • Higher data transfer rate than on hardware serial ports.
  • Up to 10 virtual COM ports can be created.
  • Flow control emulation support
  • Easy port state monitoring


System Requirements

Advanced Virtual COM Port CE works on the following operating systems:

  • Windows CE 5.0 (x86)
  • Windows CE 5.0 - 6.0 (arm)
  • Windows Mobile 2003 SE
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 - 6.5


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